ANNOUNCEMENT - In-person service resumes this week; One service only at 10:30am

Impact’s values are expressed in 8 simple principles:


Everything we do is for the purpose of pleasing and bringing God glory: spending time with our families, witnessing about Jesus, devotions, serving our community, working at our job, going to school, etc. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind” (Matthew 22:37).


God values relationships. He exists and functions in relationship as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. At Impact we are intentional about building community, strengthening families and building friendships through the power of love (Matthew 22:39).


We believe in the power of agreement. That God can do great things with a group of people in agreement (Matthew 18:19).


Heaven is diverse, and so are the train station and the airport. We are intentional about building a church community that looks like heaven (Rev 5:9).


Part of loving our neighbor and fulfilling God’s commandment is to serve one another. Impact Church is not made possible by the gifts and talents of a few, but the sacrifices of many. “Serve one another out of reverence for Christ” (Ephesians 5:21).


We have been impacted by the love of God so that we can impact others. We believe that every member can be discipled to become a leader and an agent of change in their sphere of life (Matthew 28:19).


We value seeking God through worship, prayer and reading of the Word of God. God responds to hearts that seek Him and are hungry for Him. He is attracted by our desperation for Him (Matthew 5:6).


We believe that one of the greatest witnesses for Jesus is for the world to see a vibrant believer who enjoys abundant life in Jesus (John 10:10).