What is Impact COVID-19 SUPPORT?
It is a new iMission that God has put in our Pastors’ hearts to serve those in our community that have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus whether directly or indirectly.
How can I contribute?
We are looking for those who can and feel comfortable contributing their time and/or finances to helping those impacted.  Some of the anticipated service areas will likely include:
  • Serving as a staging point for volunteers in your area (i.e. buying and giving out gift cards to supermarkets)
  • Dropping off pre-paid shopping cards to those in need
  • Going to the store to purchase (Impact funded) food or other essentials for those without access to private transportation and potentially other activities.
  • Checking in and praying with/for our elderly neighbors and church members
What about social distancing?
Impact fully supports and encourages to follow the guidance of our civic leaders and we do not want anyone that is not comfortable participating to do so at this time.  We are encouraging that those that do participate take all the necessary precautions including but not limited to wearing gloves, leaving packages outside and maintain 6 feet distance with non-family members.
Where can I get more information?
Our Impact iTeams use a messaging platform called Slack and we have setup a Slack Channel #impact-covid-19-help for all those that wish to communicate.  If you are not on an existing iTeam or do not yet use Slack please email to get setup.
I would like to service and help people in need but cannot financially afford to purchase food for others.  What can I do?
At Impact we are a tithing Church and believe God first and everything else blessed. The church will be covering these purchases.
I am not comfortable interacting in public, but I have not been impacted financially so is there I way I can contribute financially?
We thank you for your generous and giving heart!  If you would like to contribute financially you can do so through the Impact App or online by giving to “Missions”
I am not comfortable interacting in public nor do I have the finances to contribute, is there anything I can do to help?
Yes! We will need support in many areas including helping coordinate efforts as well as reaching out to pray with those that are impacted.  These tasks can be done remotely from the comfort of your home.

How can I get assistance if I’m in need of support with food or anything else?
Please sign up on this FORM