Safety Measures

Prior to attending service in person, all guests and serving iTeam members must complete the weekly registration form where they are asked a series of health questions including personal heath and travel information. Everyone is also asked for full contact information in the event of contact tracing.

Before entering the building, all iTeam members and guests will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a fever (100+) or a severely reduced temperature (95 or less) will be asked to leave and seek medical attention.

Everyone in the building must wear a mask at all times. The only exception is the Worship Team on  stage who may take their masks off only while singing.

Serving iTeam members will frequently disinfect surfaces throughout the building including continuously throughout the day. All spaces including the auditorium and auditorium chairs will be sanitized between services.

The restroom is limited to one person or one family at a time. After each use, the restroom is sanitized.

All Sanitizing is done with handheld electrostatic sprayers using a disinfectant solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

All doors into, within, and exiting the building are propped open for better airflow and to avoid the need to touch these high-touch surfaces.

Guests are seated with one empty row of seats in front and behind, and two empty chairs left between individuals or families.

Hand-sanitizing stations are available throughout the building.

Water fountains and coffee stations will not be available at this time.

All pens and papers other than giving envelopes have been removed.